Dat fucking Fleet


Nova owns a vast fleet of ships, for his own purpose, he has the number of ships set to exactly 823,543 ships under his command.  Nova's battle experience makes him the worst possible choice to command any vessel in space.  Yet the sheer number of ships makes him a formidable opponent.

Hijacking the InfintiyEdit

Nova also has command of the UNSC Infinity, but this is just him using "Admiral" ranking to boss Del Rio, and now Lasky around.  Nova has taken command of the ship, but he is almost always happy to return it...after destroying countless amounts of planets.


YARGH!!! I stole it once again!!!

Taking ControlEdit

Nova's pride and joy is his Destroyer-Class Vessel Trial by Fire.  Trial by Fire is the bulk of his fleet, rivaling the firepower of the Infinity and the mass of a Covenant Supercarrier, this is a threat to be reckoned with.  Trial by Fire has been in numerous encounters, yet is almost always alone from the home fleet.


A portion of Nova's empire