The Mas7er Fleet is a spaceborne collection of ships manufactured by the United Nations Space Command Defense Force. It is commanded by Fleet Admirals Lucas and Julia Mas7er. It takes up over half of the Mas7er Navy. It often works with the Forge World Fleet.


  • Spaceborne Division:
    • 609 warships
      • 3 Enterprise-class supercarriers
        • UNSC Enterprise (CVAN-65)
        • UNSC Kuznetsov (CVAN-64)
        • UNSC Kitty Hawk (CVAN-63)
      • 1 Phoenix-class colony ship
        • UNSC Will of Life (CFV-82)
      • 40 Marathon-class heavy cruisers
        • UNSC Morning Always Comes (C-759)
        • UNSC Spirit of the Luna (C-924)
      • 18 Halcyon-class light cruisers
        • UNSC Halcyon (C-700)
        • UNSC Angel (C-174)
      • 87 Fearless-class battleships
        • UNSC Fearless (BB-365)
      • 117 Pegasus-class heavy destroyers
        • UNSC Tracy (DD-781)
        • UNSC Pasadena (DD-752)
      • 343 Paris-class heavy frigates
        • UNSC Breaking Light (FFG-324)
        • UNSC Kenya (FFG-325)
        • UNSC New York (FFG-326)
        • UNSC Vancouver (FFG-327)
    • Few thousand GA-TL1 Longsword-class interceptors
    • Few hundred B-65 Shortsword-class short range bombers
    • Few hundred F-41 Broadsword-class strike fighters
    • Tens of thousands of Pelicans
      • D77-TC
      • D77H-TCI
      • D79H-TC
    • Countless Mas7er Marine Corps detachments

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